Choosing a name for your Youtube channel

Choosing a name for your YouTube channel is a responsible business, and this article will help you with that.

It's not as easy to come up with a name for a YouTube channel as you'd like. When choosing a name, you should follow the naming rules. Your name should be short, clear, memorable, have a meaningful meaning and not violate the copyright of other users or brands. But remember in each of the rules there is an exception and naming is no exception. First of all, your name must be original. Your name is your brand. The user should type it into the search engine and you should be on the first lines.

Association game

Unleash your imagination. Take a piece of paper and write on it the thoughts that arise when you think about your future project. Don't be limited to a few options - write as much as possible. Sometimes the most crazy names seem perfect over time. Now choose the most memorable and good sounding among them.

Game of AssociationConnect someone else

Feel free to ask for help. You can always consult with colleagues at work, friends, relatives and customers. Perhaps they will advise you something interesting. One head is good, but two have a lot more ideas.

Channel name with your name

Use a nickname, nickname, or first and last name. This option is great for entertainment content or when you want to create your own brand.

Keyword as part of the title

The keyword is what best describes the area of your business. Find a few of these words and use one of them as part of your channel name.

Be youthful

Use rhymes, alliteration, slang, or set expressions. You can always use the workings of the subculture.

Combined method

Combine the previous options. Write your brand name and theme immediately. So the visitor will immediately understand what your channel is about and you can easily promote your brand with absolutely any name.
And most importantly, don't be afraid to experiment. You can change the name of your channel at any time. But you should not change his name when you already have many subscribers, the YouTube community does not forgive this.

Competitor analysis

You can always be inspired by the names of the channels of the same subject matter as yours. Check out what tricks they use, understand their approach and embody it in your name. But do not impudently copy.

Contacting a specialist

If there are no ideas at all, or everything that you come up with is already used somewhere. You can always take the path of least resistance and contact a freelancer or agency. Naturally much preferable as it is much cheaper. It is enough just to register on the exchange and place the corresponding task. But there is one thing - you must always leave a detailed technical task in order for the result to meet your expectations.

It does not matter which name you choose, the main thing is that do not forget to connect the YouTube affiliate program to your channel to get the maximum monetization of video content. You can find proven partner programs in our section:

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