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ScaleLab - партнерка YouTube
LETSON - партнёрская сеть YouTube. Подключение к LETSON
individual criteria
from 50 subscribers
from 300 subscribers
from 500 subscribers
from 1000 views/day

Mediacube.Network —YouTube affiliate program. Best Youtube Partnerships

YouTube affiliate program

Mediacube.Network— is a large and reliable YouTube affiliate program that will help you to monetize your channel on attractive terms.


There are no specified requirements for you channel to be connected to Mediacube.Network affiliate network. All the applications are processed entirely on an individual basis. However, there are a few important factors: the channel appearance, the quality of the offered content and the regularity of displaying videos.


YouTube affiliate program

ScaleLab — partnership network YouTube. Partnership network ScaleLab

Partnership network ScaleLab

ScaleLab is a partnership network that will help you to make money from YouTube channel immediately. If you have one YouTube channel or more, join us, and our YouTube partner program will give you a wonderful possibility to turn your number of views into real money!

To connect to the ScaleLab affiliate network, your channel must have:

– more than 500 subscribers;

– 15,000 views on the entire channel

Partnership network ScaleLab

FREEDOM – affiliate program Freedom.tm. The best partner program for youtube

youtube affiliate network

Freedom.tm — is a large foreign partner program for YouTube, launched in year 2013, that will help you to monetize your channel.

Everyone, who wants to connect to Freedom affiliate network, can do it, since the invitation criteria for a channel are individual. Payments will be sent to electronic payment system PayPal.

youtube affiliate network

AIR –YouTube affiliate network. Connection to AIR partner program. Affiliate program AIR

 YouTube affiliate program

AIR (Agency of Internet Rights)is a reliable partner for promoting a channel and monetizing a video, as well as protecting copyright on YouTube platform. By cooperating with this partner, you will get a channel with extended opportunities and competent technical support. 


To connect to AIR affiliate program your channel should have:

– more than 300 subscribers;

– more than 10,000 views of all the videos in total;


 YouTube affiliate program

LETSON - YouTube affiliate program. Affiliate program LETSON

YouTube affiliate program

LETSON — is more than just an affiliate program. We offer an opportunity to monetize your videos by connecting to Youtube partner program. 

To connect to LETSON affiliate network your channel should have:

– from 500 views on the channel per day

– from 10,000 views on the channel
– no current or potential violations of YouTube rules or copyright
– no less than 1 month of the channel existence time with a regular content upload
youtube affiliate

SocialBlade - YouTube affiliate program

YouTube affiliate program

SocialBlade – is a relatively old affiliate advertising network, however extremely popular among English-speaking YouTube users. Unlike many other programs, introduced in our catalogue, it makes payments to PayPal wallet.


Nevertheless, if you have decided to try working with this affiliate program, here are the connection conditions: 

    – 10,000 views per month

    – from 50 subscribers

YouTube affiliate program

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