Letsplayers and reviewers on YouTube

The pros and cons of two of the most popular niches on YouTube are game reviews and letsplays.

Some of the more popular niches on YouTube are game reviews and letplays. These two niches are different from each other.

Reviews of games on YouTube

In the first one, the game is simply demonstrated, some individual game moments, and the author's voiceover usually indicates the features of the game being monitored: its minuses and pluses. In general, everything is the same as in the review of any other product, no matter what: material or intellectual.


Another niche, that is, letsplay, is no longer a partial overview, but a complete walkthrough of the game: from the title screen itself and the first level to the last level and the end credits. Let-plays are usually more boring than reviews, but they can be used by viewers as instructions for playing through the game.

If in the review they can not say a word about difficult places and secrets, then in the full walkthrough, that is, everything will be shown in the letplay. If the player is stuck in some place during the passage, then he can go to YouTube, find the letsplay for this game, rewind to the desired moment (if he has already passed part of the game, then he knows about which minute to look for) and see how traversed this place. This, in any case, can be done if the place that must be passed is difficult to pass. If the game is completed to the end, then the successful passage of all such places is shown there.

However, letplayers do not always show all the additional secrets. For example, when recording the passage, they can skip an entire room, reduce an entire level, defeat a strong enemy using a found bug. Therefore, before watching a video, be sure to pay attention to which category this letplay belongs to. It can be a fast passage (Speedrun), passage with the discovery of all secrets (100% complete), passage without a single loss and without a single loss of life (No dead), etc.


Earnings on games

So, since video game reviews and letplays are very popular on YouTube, many people make money with them. A good way to make money is to play the game and wait for more views.

As for the earnings of letsplayers and reviewers, they both get about the same. It all depends on how many views and subscribers they have.

Many fans of computer games who have decided to start creating videos on this topic, the question arises: "What is still better to shoot - reviews of games or their passage?" The answer to this question can be as follows: if there is enough free time, if a person is patient and diligent, then he can safely begin to create letsplay. If everything is the other way around, that is, there is very little free time, there is no perseverance and patience, then it is better to choose reviews from these two categories.

After the choice has been made in favor of reviews or letplays, you need to think about how to make your future videos unique and of high quality. The fact is that there are currently a lot of videos on YouTube that fall into these two categories. Mostly they are filmed by schoolchildren who want to get their first financial profit on the World Wide Web. That is, every reviewer and letplayer has many competitors. Therefore, you need to immediately take some measures so that the videos you create are in the TOP.

First of all, in order to get into the TOP, you need to interest the viewers. This can be done using your own charisma or through special contests.

It is also necessary to study well the game about which you plan to shoot a video (it does not matter whether it is a review or a let-play). Not every student does this before filming, so there will be every chance of getting into the TOP.

And of course, don't forget about the equipment you need to create videos. This refers to the camera, microphone, image capture software, editing software, etc.

It does not matter which direction you choose, the main thing is that do not forget to connect the YouTube affiliate program to your channel in order to get the maximum monetization of video content. You can find proven partner programs in our section: https://good-youtube.com/top-5

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