How to make money on YouTube

Your channel's earnings on YouTube depend not only on viewing, but on useful information in the video and its effectiveness.

You can make real money on YouTube, no scams, divorces and deceptions for you. Earning money on this site comes from watching videos. The main question is how much you can earn. To be honest, about $ 50-100 per month, they will not replace your income from work, but I bet they will definitely not be superfluous. Yes, you are paid money for views in a video, but the problem is that even if you have 20 thousand views, you can pay $ 2 for these views, and 15 dollars for a video where 5 thousand views are paid. Why does this happen?

Earnings depend not only on viewing, but on useful information in the video and its effectiveness. Sign up for Adsense first. After registering, you may be confused by some factors, one of them is that you will be asked to write a link to your site, but we all understand that most simply do not have it. This is not a problem, you just sign up for Blogger and provide the blog link.

After signing up for AdSense, you may have to wait, but no more than two weeks. After that, you can go to your YouTube page and make money. Before anyone how to make money on advertising links located in the video, it is worth finding a suitable advertising network for yourself. If you have more than three thousand views per month, 50 subscribers, and you have uploaded more than 10 videos to your YouTube channel, then a network called Vsp Group is probably for you.

What can you do to improve video performance?

Let's say you made a video about needlework. And they signed it "Weaving beaded bracelets." In the title and subheadings, in the tags, you write "Bracelets", "Manufacturing technologies", "How to allocate your time" and so on. This is to get people to click on the ads in your video, thereby increasing its performance. The fact is that YouTube automatically determines what your video will be about, this can be understood by your title and tags.

There is also such a nuance: Google determines the subject of the video thanks to its technologies. The bottom line is that you are the one who did everything possible so that from the very beginning all the available tags, title and, importantly, keywords were in the video. It is the search for keywords that you need to pay great attention to, not because they will bring you money, but because they will help Internet viewers find your video and watch it, but views are already money. The first step is to go to the YouTube Keyword Tool. As an example, we take the same topic “Weaving beaded bracelets”, enter it into the search bar, and wait for the search to give a result.

After the video is uploaded, try upgrading your account. How to do it? We go to the video manager section, then click on the channel section, after the status and functions, you are already upgrading there. The problem may be that this feature is not available for your country. In this case, we simply change our location to the USA. And we repeat all the steps from the beginning.


What videos to shoot

Examples remain examples, but let's now define what to shoot a video about.

1. The most popular are educational videos. Do not take pictures of what you do not understand at all. If you dance well, then record a video about how you dance, explain the most elementary movements, tell about this dance, make it useful and interesting. Do you cook well? Then share with people the technology of cooking your favorite dish, or better show you step-by-step instructions for it. Talk about recipes, tell secrets, smile sweetly, and at the end get people to subscribe to your channel, put their thumbs up and write comments.

If you've written a book, tell the inexperienced writer how to start. How to choose a topic, what construction to choose, how to cope with laziness and write everything in a beautiful literary language. Tell us about your book, maybe thanks to this video someone will want to read it.

Are you good at English and good at explaining? It's fine! You can make an unlimited number of videos where you will explain to people the basic rules of grammar and spelling, give advice and help to cope with all the complexities of the language.

There is work for athletes too. Teach the audience to do the splits. Shoot 30 videos on what stretching exercises you can use to finally fulfill the dream of many of an even split. Show you how to squat correctly, what exercises to do for an even posture and beautiful muscles, what to eat and how to motivate yourself.

Or maybe you are a needlewoman? Then share your experience with people who are just trying to find themselves in this business. The video can be about anything. How to write a book, the best diets, if you play a musical instrument show it to people.

2. Do you think that there is no business in the world that you master perfectly? Well, then take off the reviews for anything. Did you like the book? Tell about it, share your impressions, give an assessment, tell about the plot, idea, your emotions during the reading. Tell us about the author and his other books. Did you go to the cinema for the premiere of a new film? Then tell us about it. Define its genre, why did you choose this particular film, tell us about the actors, the music that was present in the film.

Even for gamers, there is a way to make money on their favorite games. Shoot a video of your game and post it on YouTube, share your experience with novice players, tell the secrets of the game, or just show your professionalism in the game. Maybe every week you regularly watch some kind of program, imagine how many people still watch it. After each show, shoot a video, talk about what it was about and what you expect to see next.

3. And if you really do not know at all what to talk about and what to do, then talk about yourself. I suggest making your own video diary. In this way, you will have guaranteed new video themes every day. Talk about everything. Tell us about how you woke up, what you ate for breakfast; that your hot water was turned off today, that you heard a cool song in the minibus.

Talk to the camera about what kind of people you saw, what kind of weather outside the window, what mood you fell asleep in, show your favorite pajamas, and talk to the camera with your pet. The thought arises: "Is this interesting to anyone?" And how! People love to follow someone else's life.


Basic Tips

Shoot a video in a good mood, the business you are doing should be enjoyable. Another very important point, never click on your own ads, this can lead to the fact that you will simply be blocked and you will not receive your earned money. Don't try to upload someone else's video. All videos such as texts, music, pictures are tested for uniqueness. Videos will be viewed only if you shoot them with a good camera.

Put yourself in the shoes of the viewers, you will not watch regularly videos in which everything is blurry, not bright and not interesting. The video must be beautiful. If you tell something, then try to look good, if you cook or do needlework, then worry about the condition of your nails. It is much more pleasant to watch beautiful things. Remember, the more views, the more money. But to have a lot of views, you need to make an effort!

In conclusion, I will say, do not forget to connect the YouTube affiliate program to your channel in order to get the maximum monetization of video content. You can find verified affiliate programs in our section:

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