How to choose an affiliate program for Youtube

How to choose and connect an affiliate program for Youtube to your channel

YouTube is one of the largest sites on the Internet. Therefore, it is only natural that all people who start their own channels on the site seek to make money with the help of this giant. Moreover, earning money on YouTube has become quite simple and straightforward, almost all "chips" and features can be found on the worldwide network.

Connection to YouTube affiliate program

After all the formalities have been settled, your own channel has been created, new interesting videos have been released, and a sufficient number of new subscribers have appeared, you can start choosing and connecting an affiliate program for YouTube. You need to know that YouTube affiliate programs are given only to those channel owners who produce their own content and meet some criteria. If a person creates videos using someone else's material, he will not be able to acquire an affiliate program.

There is no point in trying to get an affiliate program on an empty and raw channel. In order for an affiliate program to be concluded, a certain number of channel subscribers is required, in addition, the number of video views of videos must reach certain values. Affiliate programs have different requirements, but they do exist anyway. You can try to wind up subscribers, but this is always a certain risk. In case of failure, you can get a ban.

After the channel owner has found an affiliate program that suits him, we recommend using our list of verified affiliate programs for YouTube, the requirements of which he fully met, all that remains is to register on it. It's quite simple, you need to go to the website of the affiliate program, and then you just need to follow the instructions.

As a rule, the instructions on the program's website are set out quite clearly and do not cause difficulties. The only thing that can complicate the life of a future partner is that not all programs are equipped with a Russian version. Therefore, if a person has difficulties with the English language, you need to look for a program with a Russian-language version.


Recommended Youtube affiliates

Letson is one of the best YouTube affiliate networks. Proven over the years, reliable affiliate program with guaranteed monthly payments and good interest rates. Our site recommends! Connection condition: from 1.000 subscribers

Ezzy (Mediacube.Network) is the official YouTube partner network. The company successfully works with bloggers in more than 60 countries, is in the TOP-10 affiliate networks of the world. More than 1000 channels have already been connected to the affiliate program! Condition: from 10.000 subscribers

GTRussia is a YouTube partner network that provides good working conditions even for novice authors. A good and proven affiliate program for those who want to monetize their channel as much as possible. Condition: from 1.000 subscribers

AIR is a reliable YouTube partner for promotion, video monetization and copyright protection. Provides a wide range of services for its partners, but is very demanding on new channels. Condition: from 1.500 subscribers


Standard monetization

Directly on Youtube itself, the algorithm of actions is even simpler. You just need to monetize on your own channel, and then wait for a response from the affiliate program. After the affiliate program is concluded, the requirements for the channel from YouTube will become more stringent.

Moderation will take place at a new level, which will complicate the choice of content for videos. You will need to carefully monitor the published videos, not allowing any violations of the rules. These are of course new problems, but they will lead to material benefits that will pay off some of the difficulties in full.

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