How to become a video blogger: useful tips

Useful tips for those who decided to link their work or hobby with a video blog.

Being a YouTube blogger is not only prestigious, but also profitable and interesting. You do what you love, shoot videos, communicate with your subscribers, and besides, you get money from your efforts. And where to start and what a YouTube blogger needs to work, you will now find out.

YouTube blogger income

As for the profit, it all depends on the topic of the blog, its popularity, the number of subscribers and video views. The top video bloggers earn more than several hundred thousand dollars. Western bloggers also make good money. But it should be noted that the earnings of Russian bloggers are slightly lower.

Where to start for a future video blogger

As mentioned earlier, earnings largely depend on the subject of the video channel. The more popular the channel, the more subscribers and more views and likes. At the moment, educational channels, humorous videos, reviews of various goods and new products, beauty blog and lets play are popular. Choose what you are more interested in and what you are good at.

You also need a technique to work. If you decide to seriously engage in video blogging, then it is best to shoot not with a mobile phone camera, but with high-quality professional equipment. To do this, you will need: condenser and lavalier microphone, video camera, recorder, tripod, chroma key, lighting and other equipment.


Channel creation

We register on YouTube, create a channel and come up with a name and a small description for the channel. The name should be associated with the topic. As for the description, a short description will be enough, literally in a few lines, so that users can understand what your channel is about. You can also specify contacts to contact you. This can be an e-mail address, vibeer, whatsapp, and you can also specify the site address, if available.

Channel decoration

You can design the channel yourself, or you can contact a freelancer who will design your channel based on your preferences. The design should match the theme of your channel.

Content plan

It's worth thinking about creating a content plan in advance. It is best to draw it up at least six months in advance, or at least for several months. Plan on which days of the week you will be filming videos, on which days you will edit them, and on which days you will post videos on the channel.

It is best to post them on specific days. You also need to indicate on what day, what exactly you will be shooting. And also come up with a title and description for the videos. It will be much easier and more convenient to work this way.

Come up with a script in advance for shooting videos. This will help you shoot an interesting video and not miss anything important when shooting.

Filmed videos must be edited. There are many different programs for editing, both paid and free. It should be remembered that free programs have limited functionality.


Publishing videos

It is recommended to upload videos on certain days and it is advisable to adhere to this schedule. You don't need to post them every day. Due to the fact that the video needs to be removed and edited, and this takes a lot of time, 1-2 videos per week would be the best option. It is also not worth making long intervals between publications, because your subscribers will soon begin to forget about you.

Working with channel audience

Many users leave comments under the videos. If you have been contacted with a question, be sure to write the answer. No question should go unanswered. Also, many users often write recommendations and wishes in the comments, they are also worth listening to. And of course, don't forget to thank users for their tips and tricks.

When creating your channel, you should also be prepared for the fact that there will be people among the users who will write negative comments. How to deal with them: First, there is no need to conduct a dialogue in an aggressive manner. Try to enter into a dialogue with them and sort it out peacefully. In no case should you switch to foul language and insults.

In conclusion, I will say, do not forget to connect the YouTube affiliate program to your channel in order to get the maximum monetization of video content. You can find proven affiliate programs in our section:

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