How to properly design a Youtube channel

How to design it correctly and beautifully for your brand new Youtube channel

If you have created your own channel, then you need not only to upload high-quality content, but also the rule. own channel.

How to properly design your YouTube channel?

If you design the channel correctly, then it will not only look beautiful, but it is also likely to attract new subscribers. After all, a beautifully and correctly made design attracts new people, adding potential subscribers.


Be sure to make a beautiful profile picture for the channel. How it will be framed directly depends on what the channel will do. Don't be afraid to experiment and be creative. If the situation is not very good with fantasy, or if you want something special and completely not trivial, then you can attract specialists in their field who, for a certain fee, will do this work.

Channel cap

It is necessary to come up with and correctly design the channel header. She attracts viewers no less, and talks about the topic of the channel in general. Therefore, this is a very important step that some people neglect.


It will not be superfluous to download a kind of video trailer of your channel. To do this, it is enough to shoot a short video, which will talk about the topic of the channel, show small cuts of videos, or something like that. New users will be able to familiarize themselves with the channel through this small presentation.

Screensaver for all your videos

In addition, screensavers should be made for all videos of the channel. By clicking on the link to the channel, the user will be able to familiarize himself with its topic directly from the splash screen. The main thing is that it is correctly selected and looks harmonious.

Final screensaver

There should also be end screens for videos. A user who is interested in the video will watch it to the end and see a beautiful video end-screen saver. Thus, it is very likely that he will be interested in the final picture and follow the link to the next video of the channel. Thus, it is likely that the channel will gain a new permanent viewer.

We need to make sure that the audience is comfortable. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to create thematic playlists. If the viewer is comfortable and the videos are arranged in the correct order, there is a high probability that they will watch several videos in a row.

If everything is done correctly, the viewer will like the channel, and he will become his constant viewer.

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