Selection of tags for Youtube

Correctly chosen search keywords guarantee a lot of views, no matter what quality your video is.

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Choosing a name for your Youtube channel

It's not as easy to come up with a name for a YouTube channel as you'd like. When choosing a name, you should follow the naming rules.

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Recommendations for making money on YouTube

Anyone can create their own video blog. This does not require money. Knowledge is not needed for this. The main thing is to learn how to shoot high-quality and interesting videos and properly accompany your channel.

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Ways to make money on YouTube in 2020-2021

People who are interested in the question of how you can make money on YouTube in 2020 - 2021 should know about all the existing ways to make money.

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How to choose an affiliate program for Youtube

После того, как канал создан, выход роликов налажен, и появилось достаточное количество подписчиков, можно приступать к выбору и подключению партнёрской программы для ютуба.

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Letsplayers and reviewers on YouTube

Some of the more popular niches on YouTube are game reviews and letplays. These two niches are different from each other.

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How to become a video blogger: useful tips

Being a YouTube blogger is not only prestigious, but also profitable and interesting. You do what you love, shoot videos, communicate with your subscribers, and besides, you get money from your efforts.

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How to properly design a Youtube channel

If you have created your channel, then you need not only to upload high-quality content, but also to design it correctly.

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How to make money on YouTube

You can make real money on YouTube, no scams, divorces and deception for you. Earning money on this site comes from watching videos.

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10 tips for designing a Youtube channel

If earlier users spent almost all their time watching videos, now many people have begun to create their own channels and produce original content.

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