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How to enable video monetization on my YouTube channel?

Какую партнерку лучше подключить к youtube

Have decided to enable monetization of my video clips on YouTube channel. How can I do it?

There is nothing complex here. According to new YouTube rules, to activate monetization on your channel you should have no less than 10,000 views of all your videos. If you meet this requirement, proceed to the settings of every video, then, to "Monetization” tab and tick the line "Monetize with ads”. After that, the dollar sign in front of every video should turn green.

How to cheat views and subscribers at your YouTube channel?

Какую партнерку лучше подключить к youtube

Have decided to start my own channel and want new subscribers to see that it’s more or less promoted. How can I cheat views for new videos and add subscribers?

Will tell you straight: such methods are not welcomed by YouTube policy and your channel may be banned. If you, nevertheless, have decided to do it, I recommend using this service for cheating views and subscribers. To my mind, it is the safest one – there are both chargeable and free options for promotion.

What is CPM and what does its value depend on?

Какую партнерку лучше подключить к youtube

What is CPM and what does its value depend on? Also have noticed that channels with equal numbers of views and subscribers make different profit, what is it connected with?

СРМ is a price for 1,000 advertisement views. The price depends on location, viewers’ age and behavior. In Latin American and European countries the advertisement prices are higher due to extremely active advertising environment. The older a viewer, the more solvent he is; and if a viewer often makes purchases in the internet, the advertisements demonstrated to him are more expensive. The theme of a channel is also of no small importance; a channel with field-specific content will earn more than a channel that presents general content without any specified theme.

How much can earn a channel with 100,000 subscribers?

Какую партнерку лучше подключить к youtube

I have a widely promoted channel that is connected to a standard youtube affiliate program and has more than 100,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views per month. How much would I earn from third-party partner programs?

If the channel is not focused on any topic and aimed at a wide range of viewers, then your profit will start from somewhat 1,000$ per month. If the channel is field-specific, your earnings will be considerably higher. The profit amount also depends on an affiliate program; for widely promoted channels we would recommend Letson, ScaleLab or MediaCube.Network.

Which affiliate program is better for connecting to YouTube?

Какую партнерку лучше подключить к youtube

Have decided to start my own YouTube channel, but I’m not satisfied with a standard advertising network that is connected from AdSense. Would like to make it clear which third-party affiliate program to connect?

It’s impossible to give a definitive answer. There are lots of criteria that influence your choice of this or that suitable partner program. First of all, it’s a number of subscribers. If your channel has from 0 to 50 people, it’s unlikely to be connected to any program. However, if you have more than 100 subscribers, I recommend starting with LCN Orbit or try MediaCube.Network; if you have high potential, the latter will surely connect you.


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