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FREEDOM – affiliate program Freedom.tm. The best partner program for youtube

YouTube affiliate

Freedom.tm — is a large foreign partner program for YouTube, launched in year 2013, that will help you to monetize your channel.

Everyone, who wants to connect to Freedom affiliate network, can do it, since the invitation criteria for a channel are individual. Payments will be sent to electronic payment system PayPal.

YouTube affiliate 

Freedom.tm — currently is one of the most popular foreign affiliate networks for YouTube channels that is in great demand. You have few subscribers and few views, but you need a real media network for monetizing your channel? Then Freedom.tm – is your choice. Connect and get numerous advantages!



The list of options that will be available at connecting to this affiliate network. Super Chat – enables viewers to obtain chat messages for live broadcasting with channels that have more than 1000 subscribers; Affiliate Marketing – earn money from products and games reviews, using an affiliate link from PlayNow; Merchandise – sell your own football clothes via Spreadshirt; Sponsorships – makes it possible for viewers to purchase digital goods for 4.99 US dollars per month on gaming channels (a hushed beta version operates on non-gaming channels). For live broadcasting with channels that have more than 1000 subscribers.
Also you can get a free access to previews of games that haven’t yet been launched, and using our Livestream service, you can receive additional income from broadcasting your games via our youtube affiliate program. 




YouTube affiliate



What is FREEDOM.tm?

It is a reliable affiliate program that offers useful training materials both for beginning users and advanced youtubers. You can watch video lessons and other information. You will be provided with various useful and effective bits of advice, interesting recommendations and more than 80,000 active society participants for team-work and channel reviews, with whom you can communicate on our forum.


Also we have an advance payment option and additional oncome from commercial transactions, a great referral program and content presentation services. 


About payments

The payment is made to PayPal electronic system. You will spend little time and have no difficulties in registering there. Thus, you will easily be able to withdraw the money, earned from this youtube affiliate program, to your bank card. There is no minimum payment amount – you can withdraw any sum of money you’ve earned.


A personal account manager from Freedom and YouTube!

You don’t need to have a minimum number of subscribers to get a personal manager in our affiliate program. Usually, he’s the most efficient for channel owners with 30,000 views per month and more – keep that in mind. We will help you to rise to new levels thanks to advanced tete-a-tete sessions. If your channel has more than 100,000 subscribers, you will get a personal manager directly from Youtube itself.


Music library for your videos

After connecting to our YouTube affiliate program, you will get access to the library, containing more than 150,000 musical pieces and sounds for your videos. Also we have the largest collection of professional music. You can choose from over 500,000 free tracks and sound effects to add them to your videos, thus, making them stand out of the rest.



Music distribution service

We can place your music to hundreds of digital stores, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

How to connect to Freedom.tm?

Start with pressing "Connect” button (right under this text). Then, you will get to Freedom website, where you should click a large button in the middle of the screen "Join us now!” Then, activate your account with your YouTube login (the same as Google login) and you will get to your personal account in this affiliate program.
You will see the "Channels” section; click the button below "+add channels”. Then, select a channel from your account and wait for confirmation; if the channel is approved you will see a corresponding sign opposite of your channel and will get an invitation from the partner program on your e-mail box and in the personal account of your youtube channel. After receiving this invitation, the connecting process will be completed.


YouTube affiliate


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