Ezzy (Mediacube.Network) - cool YouTube affiliate program

Official YouTube Partner Network. The company successfully works with bloggers in more than 60 countries, is included in the TOP-10 affiliate networks of the world.

Ezzy or Mediacube.Network is the official YouTube partner network. The company successfully works with bloggers in more than 60 countries, is included in the TOP-10 affiliate networks of the world. More than 1000 channels have already been connected to the affiliate program, among them - more than 60 million people

партнерская программа для youtube

Such an affiliate program YouTube not only contributes to the monetization of your videos by displaying advertising information, but also allows you to use all kinds of internal services that contribute to the competent optimization of content. As a result, the traffic to your channel will increase, the attention of advertisers will become stronger, which means that your profit will increase.


The standard income split that MediaCube offers is 80 to 20. Other conditions can be considered on an individual basis, it all depends only on the creator and his channel. Usually MediaCube cooperates with partners on the terms of an open contract, which is automatically renewed every month, and creators can leave the network at any time with just 1 month notice. Many affiliate networks offer their authors contracts ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Therefore, MediaCube (Ezzy) has a powerful incentive to make every effort to work with bloggers; the affiliate team is interested in the authors collaborating with it for the sake of complete comfort. Hence the high quality of all services.


  • Monetization must be enabled on the channel.
  • The number of subscribers on the channel is at least 10,000.
  • The author creates original videos.
  • The author adheres to the YouTube community guidelines.
  • No copyright infringement of others.


The main factors in making a connection decision are the creativity of the channel, high interest in it from viewers, and adherence to the YouTube community guidelines. Even if you have not yet reached the mark of 10,000 subscribers, but your channel is original and promising, and you are passionate about your work, MediaCube will consider your case individually and can offer favorable terms of cooperation.

 партнерская программа для youtube


Express payments from MediaCube is a unique product, no other partner network in the world can offer creators such a service on such favorable terms. How it works? MediaCube connects the channel, after which the system automatically considers the data from YouTube Analytics. A day later, the affiliate program knows how much the channel earned the day before yesterday. Based on this information, the authors are credited with funds that can be withdrawn at any time.


  • Webmoney в USD
  • Payments to a bank card Visa|Mastercard/Maestro
  • ePayments
  • QIWI Wallet
  • Yandex.Money
  • Payoneer Bank Transfer or Debit Card
  • PayPal



  • Personal manager
  • Technical support
  • Convenient payments and many options for payment methods, there is even the possibility of accumulating funds in your personal account
  • Express payments (allow you to withdraw money without waiting for YouTube reports)
  • Modern personal account
  • Analyst services
  • Copyright protection
  • ContentID
  • Cooperation with TikTok
  • Free access to Epidemic Sound
  • Free access to Amper Music
  • Free access VidIQ Pro
  • Free design services
  • Free video optimization
  • Free deep channel analytics
  • Music distribution for musicians
  • Direct links with advertisers, advertising integrations
  • Localization, distribution of content for other countries
  • Distribution of videos to other platforms
  • Creation and sale of bloggers' merch
  • Referral program

партнерская программа для youtube

Excellent and reliable affiliate program!

Attention! Before sending an application to the affiliate program, be sure to check if monetization is available on your channel in your Yotube personal account.

Also, after sending a connection request, if there is no confirmation letter for a long time, check the spam folder in your mailbox.

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