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партнерка youtube
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Mediacube.Network —YouTube affiliate program. Best Youtube Partnerships

Mediacube.Network — is a large and reliable YouTube affiliate program that will help you to monetize your channel on attractive terms.

There are no specified requirements for you channel to be connected to Mediacube.Network affiliate network. All the applications are processed entirely on an individual basis. However, there are a few important factors: the channel appearance, the quality of the offered content and the regularity of displaying videos.

Партнерка youtube 


Mediacube.Network — is a large and reliable YouTube affiliate program that will help you to monetize your channel on attractive terms. Best Youtube Partnerships 2017!

Партнерка youtube
Партнерка youtube


Such a partner program not only contributes to monetization of your video clips by demonstrating advertising materials, but also enables you to use all kinds of internal services that facilitate adequate content optimization. This will result in growing traffic of your channel, which will attract more attention from advertising clients, meaning that your profit will enhance.



YouTube affiliate program




Mediacube.Network Program – is not just an opportunity to monetize channels at a video platform. You can monetize video clips in various social networks as well, providing that your accounts have sufficient number of visitors.


How to develop a channel?

The affiliate program offers useful training materials for beginning uses and advanced youtubers. You can watch video lessons and other information about the right way to optimize your channel content. Our partner program function in the online mode, therefore, we are always ready to come to your rescue and provide some advice.


Does the program grant access to a music library?

From now, you can use a large music library, called Epidemic Sound.

Payout methods

You can use such payment systems as Yandex.Money, Qiwi, PayPal, Payoneer and e-payments**. If you are a resident of the Republic of Belarus, your profit can be withdrawn directly to your bank card, with the income tax being charged when transferring the funds (this makes it possible to earn profit in a lawful way).


When transferring your funds to electronic wallets, the affiliate program doesn't deal with taxation matters, peculiar to your state. It's your personal responsibility to take care of paying the taxes, charged in your country.

You can use e-payments payment system to transfer funds to Webmoney. The minimum payment amount is 10 dollars, with a special card being required. The service charge for it is 35 dollars per year (the first year of service is free).

Special features of profit distribution: 80 percent – your share, 20 percent – the share of youtube affiliate program.



YouTube affiliate program


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