LETSON - партнёрская сеть YouTube. Подключение к LETSON
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партнерка youtube
Партнерка ютуб Letson

от 1000 подписчиков


от 1000 подписчиков

Партнерка ютуб ScaleLab

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Партнерка ютуб GTRussia

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LETSON - YouTube affiliate program. Affiliate program LETSON

youtube affiliate

LETSON — is more than just an affiliate program. We offer an opportunity to monetize your videos by connecting to Youtube partner program. 



To connect to LETSON affiliate network your channel should have:

– from 500 views on the channel per day

– from 10,000 views on the channel
– no current or potential violations of YouTube rules or copyright
– no less than 1 month of the channel existence time with a regular content upload 
youtube affiliate

Now you can monetize your videos by participating in the affiliate program on Youtube. Let creativity bring you not only pleasure, but also a good income! Our main specialization is gaming, so we cooperate with the most famous creators from different countries.
Партнерка youtube
Партнерка youtube

What is Letson affiliate program?

We cooperate with the best-known leaders of the gaming industry and do our best to provide our partners with high-quality and interesting content (recent games, reviews of popular devices, highlights of visits to popular topical events). We have a clue to enjoying and benefiting from working on Youtube!

youtube affiliate


Why particular LETSON?

1. Opportunity to receive additional income from advertising campaigns that are held by large portals on your video channel.
2. Monthly income with payments made in a way convenient to you (including usage of electronic payment systems, for example, Webmoney or PayPal).
3. Protection of your content from plagiarizing.
4. Open and fair statistics on your channels including the information about profits from advertising.
5. Receiving payouts for the referrals you’ve attracted to the system.


We provide assistance in solving the problems you faced when configuring the video channel, as well as promoting, optimizing, monetizing and analyzing it.




Music library

Since we cooperate with well-known leaders of the gaming industry, we offer our partners to take part in advertising campaigns, visit by-invitation-only events, make tours to various gaming conferences and get games before they are officially launched.


Working conditions


1. from 500 and more views on your channel per day;
2. from 10 thousand view in total;
3. no current or potential violations of YouTube site rules or copyright problems;
4. the channel should exist for at least one month and regularly upload content.

Particularities of the affiliate program


1. 10 percent of the company’s income from attracted referrals.
2. One-time payment that depends on the number of views. We will pay 200 dollars for one million views.


Particularities of payouts

Webmoney – from 0.5 dollars, PayPal – minimum 50 dollars, bank cards – minimum 100 dollars
youtube affiliate



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