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from 1000 views/day

AIR –YouTube affiliate network. Connection to AIR partner program. Affiliate program AIR

 YouTube affiliate program

AIR (Agency of Internet Rights) – is a reliable partner for promoting channels, monetizing video clips and protecting copyright on YouTube.



To connect to AIR affiliate program your channel should have:

– more than 300 subscribers;

– more than 10,000 views of all the videos in total;


 YouTube affiliate program


AIR is a reliable partner for promoting a channel and monetizing a video, as well as protecting copyright on YouTube platform. By cooperating with this partner, you will get a channel with extended opportunities and competent technical support. We know how to make your channel fare well!




partnership network YouTube



How do we work?

1. find and attract subscribers and visitors to your channel, using our own resources;

2. promote your platform and increase the number of views of your clips;

3. adjust expensive advertising for you to be able to gain passive income;

4. transfer your profit, using various payment systems (Webmoney, Visa, MasterCard and so on);

5. exercise your copyright protection, as well as protection of your video clips from unauthorized distribution;

6.provide support, training and advisory services, regarding operating a personal blog on YouTube.




You can find details about our program in the corresponding "Become a partner” section. Now you can make videos and make money easily! AIR helps various brands to find their target audience, build beneficial relations and interact with it.



Our products:

1.Integration of various brands and content channels (carrying out of charity events, reviews and promotional campaigns).

2.Creation, promotion and competent support of your channel.

3.Making video clips for YouTube.

4.Carrying out of advertising campaigns, using various instruments (for example, TrueView In-Stream, Display, as well as Overlay and so on).

5.Online broadcasting of various events with the traffic-handling capacity exceeding 100 thousand connections in high quality format.



Cooperation conditions


100 and more subscribers at the channel, as well as 3 thousand of views and displaying of your auteur content.


The minimum amount of payment


0.5 dollars to Webmoney, 50 dollars to PayPal and 100 dollars to bank cards and Payoneer payment system.


partnership network YouTube


You can connect to our AIR program right now and start making real profit from your channel. Before joining us, please, acquaint yourself with basic requirements to you video channel. 

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