10 tips for designing a Youtube channel

Ten helpful tips to help you design your Youtube channel

Youtube grows and develops

Every year, the YouTube media network is becoming more and more popular. If earlier users spent almost all their time watching videos, now many people have begun to create their own channels and produce original content. If you believe sociological polls, then almost every tenth YouTube user has their own personal channel.

Youtube channel is a job

Many people think that it is quite easy to create your own channel and bring it to the top, but this is absolutely not the case. In fact, the path of a channel creator is very difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort to promote a channel and make it popular.

There are a large number of different chips that can make a video channel more interesting for users. Let's take a look at the most useful ones. So...

10 useful tips for decorating your channel

  1. Create an interesting video thumbnail. Even before watching the video, the user sees a thumbnail that can tell something about the video. The more attractive the picture is, the more likely the user will want to watch the video.
  2. Advice on watching new videos. If, when viewing a channel, users receive links to watch other interesting videos on this topic, such people are more likely to stay on the channel for a long time.
  3. Discussion of the video with your viewers. If a video is discussed with its creator in the comments, then this brings a certain interest to users. After all, watching a video is much more interesting if it can be discussed not only with other users, but also with the content creator himself.
  4. Recommendations from other channels. If in the right column there are recommendations about other channels that broadcast on similar topics, this makes watching videos more convenient.
  5. Interactive communication with viewers. By creating various polls or contests in videos, you can achieve attracting more potential subscribers to the channel.
  6. Playlists. Creation of playlists, in which videos on a specific topic are collected, make watching the channel easier and more convenient for viewers, which attracts new subscribers.
  7. Creation of streams on the channel. Live communication with your subscribers in the form of streams does a lot to promote the channel. After all, the opportunity to ask questions of interest on the air always attracts people who are not indifferent to the topic raised.
  8. Videos on subscribers' questions. Creation of special issues, in which there will be answers to questions from subscribers, or the creation of videos covering the topic at the request of viewers, will always be popular.
  9. Acceleration of unimportant components. Those components of the game that are not of great interest can be fully accelerated so that the viewer does not waste his time watching content that is uninteresting to him.
  10. Intrigue from the start. Typically, most viewers rate a video in the first seconds of viewing. Therefore, you need to immediately introduce an intrigue that will interest the user and intrigue him to watch the video in full.
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